The Revolution of Custom Branded Spirits in the UK’s Elite Hotels

Exemplary UK hotels are revolutionising the guest experience with unique, custom-branded spirit products.

This trend sees an increasing number of the UK’s premier hotels ingeniously enhancing customer satisfaction by pioneering the conception and deployment of delectable, entirely personalised branded spirit items.

These products, sold by the measure over hotel bars or as keepsake gifts, have become a new platform for these iconic establishments to advertise and consolidate their brands.

Hawkridge Distillers: Pioneering Excellence in Custom Distilling and World-Class Branding

Spearheading this unique intersection of high-grade distilling and world-renowned branding is Berkshire-based Hawkridge Distillers. Teaming up with some of the most respected F&B teams nationwide, Hawkridge Distillers crafts a wide array of wholly personalised spirit products. These range from London Dry gins to aged rums and vodkas.

With their outstanding skill and precision, Hawkridge Distillers has emerged as one of the most decorated distilleries nationwide, earning coveted accolades such as the Best London Dry Gin in England at the 2021 World Gin Awards. Phil Howarth, the Managing Director, expressed his zeal, articulating, “Supplying our distilling and branding expertise to the cream of the hospitality industry feels absolutely intuitive. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with some of the most prestigious venues nationally and abroad, creating arguably the finest spirits on offer.”

The Revolution of Custom Branded Spirits in the UK's Elite Hotels

Impressive Clientele and a Bespoke Experience

Hawkridge Distillers serves a remarkable clientele, encompassing ultra-premium hotels like The Lanesborough, The Stafford, and The Goring. Exclusive members clubs and sports resorts, like The Belfry, have acknowledged the allure of launching their own exclusive spirit lines. Each product is meticulously crafted to reflect every facet of the spirit, from the liquid profile to the bottle design, stopper, and label. A significant number of clients prefer to include botanicals gathered from their own estates, bestowing guests with an authentic taste of local heritage embedded within the spirits.

Endorsement of Quality through Prestigious Awards

Reflecting an unshakeable belief in the quality of their hospitality clients’ offerings, Hawkridge Distillers even presents their clients’ gins to renowned international awards programmes. A testament to this, Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn London Dry Gin won the respected Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirit Awards in 2023.

This innovative trend of custom-branded spirits in the UK’s high-end hotels not only elevates guest experiences but also adds another layer of brand promotion. It’s an intriguing development in the hotel industry, with Hawkridge Distillers leading the charge in distilling excellence and world-class branding.