Dezeen Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Architecture and Design

Dezeen Awards, the prestigious annual event honouring outstanding achievements in architecture and design, has officially opened its doors for entries.

In its seventh iteration, the awards programme reaffirms its collaboration with Bentley Motors, marking a continued commitment to inspiring and championing design excellence while promoting innovation for a more sustainable world.

Partnership with Bentley Motors: A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

The ongoing partnership with Bentley Motors underscores a shared vision to nurture talent dedicated to effecting positive change in social and environmental sustainability, inclusivity, and community empowerment.

Initiated last year, this collaboration aims to provide a platform for innovative design solutions that address pressing global challenges.

Dezeen Awards stands as one of the most prestigious architecture and design awards programmes worldwide, boasting a staggering participation of over 4,800 entries from 94 countries in the previous year alone. Such global engagement underscores the awards’ significance and influence within the design community.

Expanded Categories Reflecting Diverse Design Disciplines

With 41 project categories spanning architecture, interiors, design, and sustainability, Dezeen Awards 2024 offers a comprehensive platform for diverse design disciplines to showcase their creativity and ingenuity.

Notably, this year introduces three new categories: landscape and urban design, surface design, and textile design, further enriching the scope of the awards programme.

Winners across the 41 project categories will vie for the coveted title of ‘Project of the Year’ in architecture, interiors, design, and sustainability. This esteemed recognition highlights projects that epitomise excellence, innovation, and positive societal impact, setting a benchmark for industry standards.

Central to Dezeen Awards’ judging criteria are the principles of beauty, innovation, and benefit. Entries are evaluated based on their aesthetic appeal, groundbreaking concepts, and tangible contributions to sustainability, reflecting a commitment to driving positive change within the design industry.

Celebrating Design Visionaries: Designers of the Year Awards

In a bid to honour both emerging talents and established luminaries, Dezeen Awards introduced six ‘Designers of the Year’ awards last year, spanning architecture, interiors, and design. This year, readers will have the opportunity to nominate deserving designers, with the final shortlist curated by Dezeen’s esteemed editorial team.

Dezeen Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Architecture and Design

In collaboration with Bentley Motors, Dezeen Awards presents the prestigious Bentley Lighthouse Award, recognising individuals or organisations making transformative strides within the architecture and design sphere. This nomination-only accolade acknowledges those dedicated to driving positive change and fostering a better world.

Dezeen Awards boasts a panel of esteemed judges comprising industry stalwarts and visionaries. Past judges include renowned architects such as India Mahdavi and Sou Fujimoto, designers like Virgil Abloh and Sabine Marcelis, and esteemed figures like the 2023 RIBA Royal Gold Medalist Yasmeen Lari.

The lineup for 2024 will be announced in the coming weeks, promising an illustrious array of discerning voices.

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

Claire Barrett, head of Dezeen Awards, expresses her enthusiasm for the continued partnership with Bentley Motors, affirming their joint commitment to recognising exceptional projects that transcend boundaries and address the challenges of our time.

Steven de Ploey, Global Head of Brand at Bentley Motors, echoes this sentiment, emphasising Bentley’s evolution into a luxury lifestyle brand and its dedication to supporting sustainable design initiatives.

As Dezeen Awards 2024 unfolds, it serves as a beacon of inspiration, celebrating the transformative power of design and innovation in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive world.

With each entry, the global design community reaffirms its collective commitment to excellence and positive change, setting new standards for the future of architecture and design.

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