Introducing the Naran Hyper-Coupé: A Bespoke Automotive Masterpiece

Naran Automotive, the hypercar pioneer, revealed the Naran hyper-coupé on 21 June in Andermatt, Switzerland.

This exclusive event marks the debut of a unique vehicle that promises to redefine luxury and performance in the automotive world.

With only thirty-nine units to be crafted, each Naran hyper-coupé will be a testament to bespoke design and craftsmanship, offered at a starting price of €2 million.

Unparalleled Customisation and Personalisation

Buyers of the Naran hyper-coupé will have never seen customisation like this before. They will be able to personalise every part of the car beyond its homologated body.

Introducing the Naran Hyper-Coupé: A Bespoke Automotive Masterpiece

Naran Automotive’s customer-centric approach ensures that each hyper-coupé reflects the unique tastes and preferences of its owner, providing an unparalleled client experience from purchase to design and driving.

Visionary Leadership by Ameerh Naran

Ameerh Naran, the visionary behind this groundbreaking vehicle, is a 38-year-old Zimbabwean with a background in product and design. His entrepreneurial success includes founding Vimana Private Jets, a leader in VVIP global transportation.

With clients ranging from heads of state to celebrities, Ameerh’s passion for luxury and performance is evident in his latest venture, Naran Automotive. The creation of the Naran hyper-coupé is the culmination of his lifelong dream and dedication.

A Hypercar with a Difference

The Naran hyper-coupé is different in the hypercar segment. It combines the power, handling and performance of a supercar with two additional seats.

Introducing the Naran Hyper-Coupé: A Bespoke Automotive Masterpiece

This unique configuration allows owners to share the exhilarating driving experience with more passengers. The car’s sleek and aggressive design, a collaboration between Ameerh and Jowyn Wong of WYN Design, draws inspiration from motorsport and showcases a striking aesthetic.

Inspiration from Industry Legends

Before establishing Naran Automotive in 2017, Ameerh Naran drew inspiration from meetings with design icons such as Ian Callum (Aston Martin, Jaguar, Callum Design), Adrian Hooydonk (BMW), and Horatio Pagani.

This influence is evident in the hyper-coupé’s design and engineering, which boasts contributions from experts with experience at renowned manufacturers like McLaren and Aston Martin. Naran Automotive’s engineering operations span Germany, the USA, and the UK, ensuring a global standard of excellence.

“Our cars are about indulging our owners in unparalleled tailoring and visceral performance, surpassing all the things they have always dreamed about in a vehicle, in the sense of the aesthetic, luxury and driving experiences,” states Ameerh Naran, founder and CEO of Naran Automotive.

This commitment to client satisfaction is at the heart of the company’s philosophy, ensuring that each hyper-coupé is a unique masterpiece.

Unmatched Performance and Luxury

The Naran hyper-coupé will be the fastest non-electric four seater in the world. Its 5.0 litre twin turbo V8 engine produces 1,000bhp. Raw power and refined performance.

The interior is designed to fit four people and features luxurious, hand-crafted materials to create a sumptuous environment.

Each of the 39 bespoke Naran hyper-coupés is a combination of brutal power and timeless beauty. For collectors and enthusiasts. The interior is tailored to each owner’s specification using the latest materials and craftsmanship.

Early orders have included marble and granite effects and gold leaf trim.

A Unique Automotive Art

With only thirty-nine units to be produced, Naran Automotive’s approach ensures that each vehicle is a unique piece of automotive art. The company’s hands-on, inclusive philosophy and commitment to using artisan materials allow owners to create a truly personalised masterpiece.

Introducing the Naran Hyper-Coupé: A Bespoke Automotive Masterpiece

The launch prototype of the Naran hyper-coupé features a striking ruby-themed exterior and interior, accented with delicate almond gold. The upper environment is adorned with ruby woven textile, while the lower surfaces boast luxurious leather. The carbon-shelled seats and steering wheel are also finished with almond gold stitching, adding to the vehicle’s opulence.

Interior Design

Inside, the launch prototype showcases a centre console and feature panel designed by an alumnus of the London College of Fashion.

The dashboard elements are finished with satin ruby and almond gold paint, while the materials used include premium soft-touch Italian leather, CNC-milled billet aluminium, and tri-hue minimalistic textiles. These sophisticated details elevate the hyper-coupé’s interior to new heights of luxury.

Collectors of the Naran hyper-coupé will have the opportunity to personalise their vehicle further, choosing from a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes. This level of customisation ensures that each hyper-coupé is a true reflection of its owner’s tastes and preferences.

Unveiling at The Chedi, Andermatt

The Naran hyper-coupé was unveiled at The Chedi, Andermatt, during the exclusive Supercar Owners Circle rally on 21 June 2024. This event offers a fitting backdrop for the debut of such a remarkable vehicle. To reserve an allocation, interested buyers can now secure their place with a deposit of €350,000.

Introducing the Naran Hyper-Coupé: A Bespoke Automotive Masterpiece

The introduction of the Naran hyper-coupé heralds a new era in hypercar design and customisation. With its unparalleled performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and visionary leadership, Naran Automotive is set to make a lasting impact on the luxury automotive market. As Ameerh Naran’s dream becomes a reality, the world eagerly awaits the arrival of this extraordinary vehicle.


In summary, the Naran hyper-coupé represents a significant milestone in the world of hypercars.

With its unique blend of power, luxury, and customisation, it offers a driving experience like no other.

As Naran Automotive continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, the future of bespoke automotive design looks brighter than ever.

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