Lamborghini’s First Plug-In Hybrid Super SUV Takes New York by Storm

Lamborghini, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, unveiled its groundbreaking Urus SE, the world’s first plug-in hybrid Super SUV, during an exclusive event held at the Lamborghini Lounge NYC in New York City’s vibrant Chelsea Arts District.

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, alongside Rouven Mohr, Chief Technical Officer, and Federico Foschini, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, graced the occasion, welcoming esteemed Lamborghini patrons, VIPs, and media representatives.

Introduction: A Milestone Moment for Lamborghini

In a statement, Winkelmann expressed the significance of debuting the latest iteration of the Urus Super SUV in the bustling metropolis of New York. “Unveiling the latest iteration of the Urus Super SUV, our top-selling model, in New York, has been a profound moment for us and we are honoured to celebrate this milestone with customers and friends at the Lamborghini Lounge,” said Winkelmann. “The Urus SE epitomizes our brand’s DNA and philosophy, excelling in both driving enjoyment and dynamic performance. SUVs are in high demand in the U.S. market, so as we continue down the path to electrification, it is vital that we provide our customers with a fun-to-drive hybrid that can also meet their everyday needs.”

Lamborghini's First Plug-In Hybrid Super SUV Takes New York by Storm

Unveiled initially at the Beijing Auto Show, the Urus SE stands as the most potent Urus model to date, promising an unparalleled driving experience fuelled by its innovative plug-in hybrid system.

The vehicle boasts a twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine coupled with a 25-kWh lithium-ion battery, yielding a remarkable total output of 800 CV (789 horsepower). This power duo enables the Urus SE to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds, outperforming its predecessor, the Urus S, by 0.1 seconds, and reaching an impressive top speed of 194 mph, a 4 mph increase from the Urus S.

Electrifying Performance: A New Era for Lamborghini

The heart of the Urus SE lies in its cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology, which not only enhances the vehicle’s performance but also contributes to its environmental sustainability.

The incorporation of a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor within the 8-speed automatic transmission enables the Urus SE to operate as a 100% electric 4WD vehicle, capable of travelling over 37.28 miles in EV mode.

Lamborghini's First Plug-In Hybrid Super SUV Takes New York by Storm

This revolutionary approach underscores Lamborghini’s commitment to the electrification of its vehicle range and the ongoing pursuit of decarbonization.

Continued Innovation: Direzione Cor Tauri 2.0

Lamborghini’s unveiling of the Urus SE represents a pivotal step forward in its Direzione Cor Tauri 2.0 strategy, which prioritizes the electrification of its vehicle lineup and the quest for sustainability.

Building upon the success of the Revuelto introduced in March 2023, Lamborghini aims to extend its electrification efforts by launching a second High-Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV) by the end of 2024, replacing the iconic Huracán.

Redefining the Future of Luxury Performance

The Urus SE’s debut follows a record-breaking year for Lamborghini sales in North America, with 3,465 cars delivered across the region in 2023, solidifying its position as the company’s top market.

Globally, the Urus witnessed a surge in demand, with sales rising from 5,367 units in 2022 to 6,087 units in 2023. Notably, the Huracán achieved remarkable sales figures, with 3,962 units delivered in 2023 compared to 3,113 units in the previous year.

Lamborghini's First Plug-In Hybrid Super SUV Takes New York by Storm

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the delivery of the Urus SE, scheduled to commence by the end of 2024, marking the beginning of a new era in Lamborghini’s storied history.


In the dynamic landscape of luxury automotive engineering, the Lamborghini Urus SE emerges as a trailblazer, heralding a new era of performance and sustainability.

With its groundbreaking plug-in hybrid technology and uncompromising performance, the Urus SE sets a new standard for Super SUVs, reaffirming Lamborghini’s position at the forefront of automotive innovation.

As the world eagerly anticipates the arrival of this revolutionary vehicle, Lamborghini’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the driving experience remains unwavering.

The Urus SE not only represents the pinnacle of engineering prowess but also embodies a bold vision for a future where exhilarating performance and environmental responsibility harmoniously coexist.

In embracing this vision, Lamborghini continues to inspire enthusiasts worldwide, shaping the future of luxury performance one groundbreaking innovation at a time.

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