Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

Four Seasons, in collaboration with esteemed yachting company Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd. and renowned Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, is steadily progressing towards the highly anticipated debut of Four Seasons Yachts.

This partnership unites an extraordinary ensemble of visionaries, including Nadim Ashi and Philip Levine, entrepreneurs with a distinctive vision for yacht experiences, and the world-renowned luxury hospitality leadership of Four Seasons.

Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

Charting a Course for Growth

Four Seasons Yachts represents a pivotal component of the company’s future growth strategy, aimed at leveraging new opportunities and establishing brand distinction through immersive luxury experiences. Alejandro Reynal, President and CEO of Four Seasons asserts, “The inaugural Yacht is a manifestation of this vision, offering a world-class Four Seasons experience, at sea and on land, marked by the genuine, personalised service that our guests know and love.”

Scheduled for late 2025, the maiden vessel of Four Seasons Yachts will set sail, marking the inception of this remarkable fleet. Furthermore, an agreement has been inked for the construction of a second Four Seasons vessel by Fincantieri, slated for delivery in late November 2026. The order for this second vessel amounts to an impressive EUR 400 million.

Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

Larry Pimentel, President and CEO of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd. and Joint Owner and Operator of Four Seasons Yachts, reflects on the journey, stating, “When we launched Four Seasons Yachts in Monaco this time last year, we were humbled by the tremendous response and excitement about the offering, which sparked unprecedented interest in this stunning project.”

Unveiling Ultra-Luxe Design Innovations

The inaugural Four Seasons Yacht boasts 95 exquisitely designed suites, each meticulously crafted to foster a seamless connection between guests, the sea, and their surroundings. Featuring spacious terrace decks ranging from 100 square feet (9.3 square metres) for deluxe suites to an impressive 5,000 square feet (457 square metres) for the Funnel Suite, this all-suite, residential-style product sets a new standard for privacy and guest-centric design. From the waterline to the top deck, the sea-to-sky design elements promise unparalleled Four Seasons experiences.

Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

The pièce de résistance is the Funnel Suite, a sprawling four-level expanse encompassing over 9,500 square feet (898 square metres) of combined indoor and outdoor living space. It offers a private wading pool and a dedicated spa area, creating a sea-view haven. This remarkable suite can expand further with vertical and horizontal connectivity, providing guests with one of the largest continuously connected living spaces at sea.

The Funnel Suite’s iconic floor-to-ceiling curved glass window modules, comprising the largest contiguous piece of glass at sea, offer breathtaking 280-degree panoramic views. This engineering marvel, with its steel web frame support structure and double glass thermal performance, is truly exceptional.

Revolutionary Marina Design

Another groundbreaking feature is the bespoke onboard transverse marina, granting guests easy access to water sports adventures in ports typically reserved for private yachts. This cutting-edge marina design boasts expansive openings on both sides of the vessel, maximizing light and sea views. It offers platforms and tiered lounging decks, fostering visual and physical connections with the sea.

Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

Outdoors, guests can indulge in private sailing, snorkelling, and windsurfing, while an elegant lounge area with a stylish bar and al fresco seating provides panoramic ocean views. Custom-crafted sea limousines and beach landers, along with a dedicated marina team, ensure impeccable service.

The Pool Deck Extravaganza

For those desiring sun-soaked moments on the pool deck, a 20-metre (66-foot) salt-water pool, one of the largest at sea, awaits. It serves as the vibrant heart of the vessel, doubling as a multi-function area for events, including performances and weddings, thanks to its hydraulic lift design. This innovative feature takes inspiration from the classic Christina O yacht, known for its pioneering amenities.

Luxury Four Seasons Yachts: Setting Sail with Unparalleled Elegance

To meet the overwhelming demand for inaugural voyages, priority access to reserve Yacht journeys is by invitation only, starting with loyal Four Seasons guests and valued travel partners. A dedicated private client service division has been established, comprising a team of personal yacht consultants equipped with high-touch and high-tech tools to manage appointments and priority access options. A waitlist is also available online for luxury travel enthusiasts interested in Four Seasons Yachts.

Exploring Yacht Playgrounds

The inaugural season in 2025/26 unveils extraordinary yachting itineraries in the Caribbean during winter and spring. The Yacht will then return to the Mediterranean, cruising iconic destinations from the French and Italian Rivieras to the Adriatic coastline and Greek Isles. Offering seven-day journeys and back-to-back voyages of 21 days, this season encompasses 33 countries, 137 unique destinations, and 76 late-night overnights. Unique Four Seasons pre-and-post hotel and overland programs are in development, promising unparalleled adventures.

As one of the first luxury hotel groups to manage onboard and shore experiences in passenger shipping, Four Seasons has appointed cruise veteran Damien O’Connor as Senior Vice President of yacht Operations, overseeing the vessel’s hotel operations and land excursions. A dedicated Four Seasons team, in partnership with Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings, Fincantieri, Prosper Assouline, and Tillberg Design of Sweden, is poised to create an unprecedented luxury yachting experience.

In conclusion, Four Seasons Yachts represents the epitome of luxury, innovation, and exclusivity, promising a voyage like no other. With its commitment to personalized service and unmatched design, it is set to redefine the world of yachting, offering guests an unparalleled experience on the high seas.

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