(MONTBLANC M)RED Launch Confirmed Their Fight Against HIV/AIDS

To launch the new additions to the (MONTBLANC M)RED collection, the luxury giant recently opened its doors to friends and selected guests of the brand at an exclusive event in Paris. The event marked Montblanc’s partnership with Red and once again reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The event, hosted at the Champs-Elysées Montblanc boutique, also saw Montblanc’s iconic façade become red and introduced an art instillation by revered Belgian artists Arnaud Kool and Dennis Meyer.

In their latest reaffirmation to help fight and eventually end the HIV/AIDS scourge, Montblanc launched their most recent additions to Montblanc (Red) collection. The new additions included a range of writing instruments and some fantastically stylish luggage.

VIP guests turned up to use and add their voice by raising awareness against HIV/AIDS patients’ victimisation. Some notable guests included Charlotte Casiraghi, Montblanc’s ambassador, Anna Brewster, Isaac Carew, Kevin Mayer, Amber Le bon, Josh Dylan, Billy Porter, Adrien Brody, Georgia May Jagger, Lottie Moss and Pierre Niney.

With 38 million HIV/AIDS victims in Africa alone facing victimisation not even to mention the other challenges, global players such as Montblanc and the Montblanc (Red) collection is desperately needed to end the epidemic and its devastating effects on the families involved. Montblanc now provides its customers with an opportunity to change lives whenever they buy any Montblanc (Red) product. 

The company has pledged 5 Euros per product to go to the Global Fund covering HIV/AIDS support programs. The 5 Euros from customers are adequate to cater for 25 days of HIV life-saving medication.

From 2006, the Red-backed Global Fund has touched over 140 million lives. The money covers life-saving HIV/AIDS procedures, which include care services, counselling, prevention, treatment and HIV testing.

The Global Fund inputs US$4 billion per year to support local experts in the HIV/AIDS prevalent countries. Besides HIV/AIDS, some funds go into purchasing mosquito nets to prevent Malaria and also treat TB patients.

Montblanc, through its expansion of the Montblanc (Red) collection, commits to use its privileges to touch the world and humankind in multiple ways. The luxurious German brand wants to educate the communities on the value of teaming up together to solve societal problems.

After the boutique event, guests went to the Iconic Monsieur Bleu for more celebrations. Monsieur Bleu renamed Monsieur Red to honour the Montblanc (Red) collection also had a red remake with exclusive designed red artworks. 

Dinner and cocktails were combined with a special music mix from DJ Martin2Smoove to end off the event.

Images: Edward Berthelot