Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City

New York City, with its brisk mornings and crisp evenings, is finally embracing the arrival of fall.

As the city dons its autumn coat, residents find solace in the luxury of private terraces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. These exclusive spaces provide a continuous flow of fresh air, invigorating the city dwellers with the changing seasons. Whether it’s sipping morning coffee, stepping away from the home office for a breath of fresh air, or enjoying a delightful cocktail with a view, private terraces offer an invaluable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

547 West 47th Street – Where Luxury Meets Comfort

Designed by the acclaimed Dutch-based firm Concrete, 547 West 47th Street stands as a testament to luxury and convenience in the heart of Manhattan’s West Side. This remarkable building offers 219 studio to two-bedroom residences, professionally designed with turnkey home packages.

Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City
Image: Donna Dotan

What truly sets it apart is the more than 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities, known as “The West Residence Club.” Some of these residences, like Residence 1008, come with generous private terraces, offering a peaceful oasis within the bustling city.

The Harper – A Glimpse of Tradition in Contemporary Living

The Harper, a new 21-story condominium building on the Upper East Side, strikes a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary living. Drawing inspiration from the neighbourhood’s rich history, the building’s facade is crafted from limestone and adorned with oversized windows.

These architectural choices create a unique look and feel for each of the 63 residences. Unit 11B stands out with its private terrace, allowing residents to relax outdoors and take in the breathtaking views.

Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City
Image: The Harpur

33 Park Row – A Masterpiece in Lower Manhattan

No. 33 Park Row, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Rogers and Graham Stirk, is a boutique residential building located across the street from City Hall Park in lower Manhattan.

This building’s layout maximizes views from each of its 30 residences, and some lucky residents can enjoy the outdoors from the privacy of their homes. Residence #17B features a large private outdoor terrace, offering fantastic views of City Hall Park, a perfect spot for residents to unwind and embrace the fresh autumn air.

200 East 59th Street – Redefining Modernism

Like its predecessor, 432 Park Avenue, 200 East 59th Street is a high-design residential tower that pushes the boundaries of classic modernism. With only one to three homes per floor, all 67 residences are corner units, making the most of the expansive terraces that wrap around the building.

Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City
Image: 200 East 59th Street

Residence 25D, priced at $4.35 million, offers a spacious two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home with a 354-square-foot outdoor terrace. This terrace provides sweeping views of the iconic Queensboro Bridge and East River, offering an ideal space to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery.

265 State Street Apartment 701 – A Brooklyn Oasis

Apartment 701 at The Boerum is a sun-soaked, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom residence that redefines indoor-outdoor living in Brooklyn. Featuring a staggering 849 square feet of landscaped terrace, residents can dine, lounge under the pergola, and unwind in a beautiful hammock without leaving the city. Custom built-in planters with lush greenery, including a vegetable garden, add to the allure of this private outdoor oasis.

Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City
Image: Travis Mark

291 Union Street Apartment 3B – A True Outdoor Paradise

Apartment 3B at 291 Union Street is a breathtaking three-bedroom duplex condo with an expansive private outdoor space. The sprawling 2000-square-foot terrace offers a multitude of amenities, including a 6-person hot tub, outdoor shower, synthetic lawn, dining area for ten or more, a grill, and spacious lounging areas. Zoned exterior lighting, irrigation, and drainage systems ensure easy maintenance, making this outdoor sanctuary an absolute joy to enjoy.

Unlock the Luxury of Private Terraces in New York City
Image: Travis Mark

One United Nations Park – A View from the Top

Rising 43 stories above the East River, One United Nations Park offers 148 gracious condominium residences with unparalleled views. Starting from the 28th floor, these residences boast open layouts and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Residence 28A, priced at $3,995,000, offers a spacious three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home with an expansive great room and a private terrace overlooking the East River. This terrace provides the perfect spot to soak in the fall sunshine and enjoy the cool breeze of the season, all while taking in the iconic New York City skyline.


The allure of private terraces in New York City is a testament to the city’s evolving luxury landscape. As the seasons change and the city transitions into the crisp embrace of autumn, these exclusive outdoor spaces stand as a sanctuary for residents seeking a breath of fresh air and a connection to nature without leaving the urban environment. Whether it’s sipping morning coffee while watching the sunrise, enjoying a leisurely lunch with a view, or basking in the glow of a captivating sunset, these private terraces redefine the concept of urban living.

From the sleek modernity of 547 West 47th Street to the timeless elegance of The Harper on the Upper East Side, and the architectural masterpiece that is 33 Park Row in lower Manhattan, these residences offer a unique blend of luxury and convenience. They seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living, providing a continuous flow of fresh air and breathtaking views, all while offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Whether it’s the picturesque views of the East River from One United Nations Park or the expansive terraces of 200 East 59th Street, these spaces are a testament to modern urban living. They provide a front-row seat to the changing seasons, allowing residents to embrace the beauty of autumn in the heart of the city.

In every corner of New York, from Brooklyn’s 265 State Street Apartment 701 to the exquisite outdoor paradise at 291 Union Street Apartment 3B, residents are presented with a unique opportunity to unwind, relax, and revel in the outdoors within their own homes. These private terraces are a true embodiment of luxury living, offering a respite from the city’s demands while creating an intimate connection with the dynamic seasons of the Big Apple. As autumn unfolds, these terraces become an invaluable extension of residents’ living spaces, enriching their daily lives with the beauty of the changing season.

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