Raffles London’s Premier Health Club Membership Now Open

In the heart of London, Raffles London at The OWO has unveiled an exclusive partnership with Pillar Wellbeing, heralding a new era in bespoke gym and health club memberships.

This collaboration promises an unparalleled wellness journey, combining expert-led fitness and holistic health services within an environment of unrivalled luxury.

Innovative Wellbeing Approach

At the core of this unique offering is the comprehensive well-being membership, meticulously crafted to provide access to an array of spa and wellness amenities. The highlight of this membership includes a 20-metre swimming pool, a cutting-edge gym, and a dynamic movement studio.

Raffles London's Premier Health Club Membership Now Open

Adding to the opulence are the vitality pool, steam and sauna rooms, complemented by world-class personal trainers and physiotherapists, carefully selected by the esteemed Harry Jameson. This initiative not only reflects Raffles London’s commitment to excellence but also underscores Pillar Wellbeing’s innovative approach to fitness and recovery.

Exclusive Platinum Memberships elevate the experience further, offering unlimited personal coaching sessions, and allowing members to receive tailored guidance and support.

Additionally, founding members are welcomed with a special gesture – a complimentary overnight stay at Raffles London, complete with breakfast, celebrating the beginning of their wellness journey.

A Destination for Elite Wellbeing

The health club at Raffles London at The OWO is poised to become a landmark destination for those seeking an elite well-being experience. Nestled within the expansive Guerlain Spa, the club sprawls over 27,000 square feet across four floors, boasting a magnificent 20-metre swimming pool and nine luxurious treatment suites.

Raffles London's Premier Health Club Membership Now Open

The extensive gym facilities are complemented by L’Atelier Guerlain and the Pillar Kitchen on the ground floor, offering nutritious culinary delights.

Membership grants comprehensive access to spa and gym facilities, alongside unlimited group exercise classes and personal coaching sessions with a team of highly qualified trainers and physiotherapists.

“As co-founder of Pillar and a true Londoner I am over the moon to open our flagship wellness members club in one of my city’s most iconic buildings. Pillar represents the collective experience of some of the most talented wellness practitioners in the world. When you combine that with a brand like Raffles in a setting like The OWO, we really are creating something special.”

Harry Jameson, CEO and Co-Founder of Pillar

Pillar Wellbeing: A Synthesis of Expertise and Innovation

Founded by the renowned elite performance coach, Harry Jameson, Pillar Wellbeing is the epitome of innovation in the health and wellness industry. The team, a blend of diverse experiences and dedicated professionals, is at the forefront of delivering personalised programmes that focus on Movement, Nourishment, and Recovery. These programmes are designed not only for immediate benefits but also with a long-term vision for health and vitality.

Members can look forward to a comprehensive recovery experience and a bespoke nutritional plan crafted by Pillar’s chef, Joey O’Hare. The club’s personal trainers, selected for their expertise and professional background, along with a team of exceptional physiotherapists, many with experience in professional sports, ensure a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Raffles London's Premier Health Club Membership Now Open

Membership Benefits and Exclusive Offers

The Raffles London Wellbeing Membership, priced at £6250 per annum, opens the door to a realm of exclusive benefits. Members enjoy unrestricted access to all spa and wellness facilities, unlimited group exercise classes, and a suite of additional perks including the Pillar Wellbeing app, guest passes, and substantial discounts on spa treatments and dining.

The membership package is enriched with a welcoming gift, including personal coaching sessions, a luxurious spa treatment, and a personal well-being assessment.

For those seeking an even more personalised experience, the Platinum Membership, available at £25,000 per annum, offers unlimited personal coaching sessions and a host of exclusive benefits, including a personal locker and complimentary laundering services for gym attire.

Raffles London's Premier Health Club Membership Now Open

Platinum founding members are also treated to a complimentary overnight stay, showcasing Raffles London’s commitment to providing an unmatched luxury experience.

Joining the Elite at Raffles London

With a joining fee of £2,000, the opportunity to become part of this exclusive community is now open. Whether opting for the standard membership or the elevated Platinum Membership, members are guaranteed an experience that blends luxury, wellness, and personalised care, setting a new standard in the realm of health and wellbeing.

Raffles London at The OWO, in partnership with Pillar Wellbeing, invites you to embark on a transformative journey, where luxury and wellness converge to create an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling heart of London.

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