Third Space Joins The Whiteley: A New Era of Luxury Fitness

The Whiteley, an iconic landmark in London, is undergoing a remarkable £1bn transformation into a mixed-use development that will redefine modern living.

In an exciting announcement, the project revealed that luxury health club Third Space will be joining the venture. With its outstanding and distinctive clubs, Third Space is revolutionizing luxury fitness by offering state-of-the-art facilities, inspiring classes, and expert support to its esteemed members.

Setting a New Benchmark for Upscale Fitness

Third Space will occupy an impressive 34,000 sq. ft. of space across three floors within The Whiteley, conveniently accessed via Porchester Gardens in the vibrant and well-connected area of Bayswater, London. Situated just moments away from Hyde Park, the arrival of Third Space marks a significant milestone in the health club’s expansion as it establishes its first presence in West London, thereby setting a new benchmark for upscale fitness in the area.

Third Space Joins The Whiteley: A New Era of Luxury Fitness

Third Space at The Whiteley will enjoy a sprawling 21,000 sq. ft. first-floor gym space, bathed in natural light streaming through the grade II listed façade of the building and the new glass dome above. This unique feature sets Third Space apart from conventional gyms, creating a vibrant and energizing atmosphere for its members. The lower ground floor will house a sleekly designed swimming pool, acting as the centrepiece and delivering an unparalleled fitness and wellness experience.

The Whiteley’s Exceptional Lifestyle Experience

In the coming year, Third Space is set to establish its presence within The Whiteley through a 25-year lease, elevating the already exceptional lifestyle experience provided by this esteemed development. Led by Finchatton as development managers, in collaboration with MARK and CC Land as joint venture investment partners, the transformation of The Whiteley, renowned as London’s first department store, will encompass a vibrant array of 19 shops, innovative retail concepts, esteemed lifestyle brands, and an enticing selection of restaurants and cafés.

Moreover, it will feature 139 branded residences, making it a truly all-encompassing destination. Adding to the allure, The Whiteley will also be home to the UK’s first Six Senses Hotel and Spa, renowned for its commitment to wellness and sustainability. Alongside its 109 rooms, the Six Senses hotel will provide exclusive spaces, services, and experiences for residents. Excitingly, there are additional announcements forthcoming, revealing best-in-class partnerships that will enrich the development even further.

Third Space Joins The Whiteley: A New Era of Luxury Fitness

The Whiteley and Queensway Regeneration: A New Central Axis in London

The Whiteley serves as the cornerstone of the wider £3bn regeneration project in Queensway. This ambitious undertaking includes a comprehensive retail strategy, significant public realm improvements, upgrades to the Tube station, and regreening initiatives, including a new entrance to Hyde Park. The rejuvenation of this historic symbol of London commerce and culture breathes new life into the area, showcasing the power of reinvention.

The combined efforts of The Whiteley and Queensway regeneration will forge a brand-new destination at the heart of London, offering a diverse mix of retail, leisure, and lifestyle offerings, alongside luxurious new residences, all against the backdrop of exceptional design-led buildings.

Alex Michelin, co-founder of Finchatton, comments: “We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with Third Space, a brand that prides itself on delivering the highest standards and creating health clubs with an unmatched individuality in style. Their commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with The Whiteley’s dedication to providing a well-being offering that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. We are confident that Third Space’s presence will play a significant role in re-energising Queensway’s reputation as a compelling central axis for a discerning global mindset.” 

Marcus Meijer, founder and CEO of MARK, comments: “The redevelopment of The Whiteley breathes new life into a historic symbol of London commerce and culture. With visionary design and a commitment to preserving its heritage, this is a testament to the power of reinvention. Our regeneration of The Whiteley and Queensway will create a brand new destination in the heart of London, with a diverse mix of retail, leisure and lifestyle offerings, as well as new luxury residences, against the backdrop of exceptional design-led buildings.”

With the entrance of Third Space into The Whiteley, West London can anticipate a new era of luxury fitness and wellness, elevating the standard of upscale training in the area. The Whiteley’s transformation and the wider regeneration of Queensway promise a vibrant destination that merges history, modernity, and exceptional lifestyle experiences, creating a truly unique and coveted address in London.

Third Space Joins The Whiteley: A New Era of Luxury Fitness

Colin Waggett, CEO of Third Space, comments: “We’re really proud to be part of this reimagining of The Whiteley; a historic grade II listed property and a true icon of British architecture. Marrying innovation with timeless luxury, we felt an immediate natural affinity between the building and our ethos at Third Space. The opening represents an important development in our continued expansion into new areas of London, as we work to provide all Londoners with best-in-class training, supported by world-class training facilities. With a number of other upcoming club launches on the horizon, it’s an exciting moment for Third Space and the future of fitness in London.”


The arrival of Third Space at The Whiteley marks a turning point in the landscape of luxury fitness and wellness in West London. With its state-of-the-art facilities, inspiring classes, and commitment to excellence, Third Space will redefine the standards of upscale training in the area.

As The Whiteley undergoes its remarkable transformation, it promises to become a captivating destination, seamlessly blending history with modernity, and offering a diverse array of retail, leisure, and lifestyle experiences. With its exceptional design-led buildings and unwavering dedication to providing an unparalleled lifestyle, The Whiteley is set to become a coveted address at the heart of London. The future of fitness and well-being in the city has never looked brighter, and Third Space’s presence is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic evolution of London’s fitness landscape.

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