Top Netflix Movies that become Style sensation for Industry

The movies we watch shape our sense of style and overall day-to-day. One season of Peaky Blinders makes us chew on a pencil nob, talk in a heavy British accent, and wear long overcoats. When it comes to the style sensation, some top Netflix movies can change yours. 

That is why we bring to you some of the best Netflix features that became a fashion trend. You find many of these looks mimicked by influencers and celebrities, especially around Halloween time. But now, you get to view the features that became the style sensation for the industry. 

1. The Queen’s Gambit

In this feature, Anya Taylor Joy redefines the elegance and beauty of a woman. The actress is portrayed as a young prodigy, growing up with a talent of chess, who competes in what turns out to be a male-dominated sport. She is hellbent on proving them wrong by using her gifted talent to stand victorious. 

The costume design and fashion trend of the Queen’s Gambit is a modern look of civilized society. The costume designer is especially proud of the design choices, as he claims that it was inspired by chess pieces. 

2. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris was a fashion frenzied feature that gave everyone ideas. Why wouldn’t it? Considering the fact, the costume designer of the show was responsible for making Sarah Jessica Parker a fashion icon in “Sex and The City”. Patricia Field, the legendary designer, pulled out all the stops in blending the US/French wardrobe in the show. 

The show features Emily Cooper from Chicago, who gets a babysitting job in her favourite place, Paris. Being a foreigner from a far distant land, she goes through struggles of blending in but is later assisted by some friends along the way. This was Netflix’s great creation of 2020, but it was the fashion sense that won the audience. 

3. 7 Days Out 

This next pick is a documentary that takes us behind the scenes of the 6 most iconic events in the world. They not only capture the biggest in sports, space, and shows but also in fashion. To our fashion lovers, the 5th episode of their season is a must-watch. 

It is based on fashion’s biggest event, The Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show. During the Paris Fashion week, team Chanel must hustle against deadlines, flaws, and challenges to put together the best runway show, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. It is the nail-biting behind-the-scenes feature that gets the audience hooked. 

4. Bridgerton

Classy British shows of the 1900s are always trendsetters for us. The classic look at London society is not full of good ethics and lessons, but their fashion sense was on point. This Netflix Original takes us through the elite lifestyle of the Bridgerton family. 

It also entails the love story of the young princess looking for a perfect suitor, when she falls for a young dashing member of the Whistledown family. They both go against society’s understandings and cultures to be united in holy matrimony. 

The overall production and fashion design make this feature an excellent watch. The costume designer of the show Ellen Mironjnick claims to have opened a little factory just to design the entire cast’s wardrobe from scratch. She says that “It was the biggest thing that I have ever even thought about, and it was great fun.”

5. The Crown

The people who are judged the most for their wardrobe are Kings and Queens (no, not just celebrities). They must dress well, eat well, and greet well. The kingdom people are taught proper etiquette and fashion from a very early start, which is what makes this show the best for fashion fans. 

The story entails the journey of Queen Elizabeth II. Through her reign came the rigorous adversity, political challenges, and struggles that defined the future of the 21st century. The queen’s day-to-day is what inspires viewers to dress up like a queen (a real one!)

The attention to detail and accuracy of the wardrobe is commendable. The designer, Amy Roberts, is an award-winning artist who has been called for many shows like An Englishman Abroad, Oliver Twist, The Virgin Queen, and more. She drew the inspiration of design through old magazines, films, and photographs of the royal kingdom. 


Netflix movies have the kind of energy that compels people to get fit, dress better, and act better. It is like the time men got the motivation to grow a beard after looking at Chris Evans in Infinity Wars. With newer productions in the pipeline, be sure to catch the next Netflix Originals, as they are sure to inspire your fashion sense. Happy streaming!

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