World’s Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

In a world filled with culinary delights, few can compare to the sweet nectar that is honey. From its golden hue to its diverse flavours, honey has captivated taste buds for centuries.

However, not all honey is created equal, and in the heart of London, a remarkable event has unfolded, setting a new standard for honey enthusiasts worldwide. The True Honey Co., known for their dedication to crafting the finest honey, has unveiled their Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey.

This exceptional creation now stands as the world’s most potent and highest-grade honey ever documented globally. In this article, we delve into the story behind this extraordinary honey and its journey to becoming a world record-breaker.

World's Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

A Glimpse into True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050

The True Honey Co. has raised the bar for honey lovers with their Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey. These prestigious jars, priced at £1300 each, are not merely containers of honey; they are exquisite masterpieces meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience.

With only 1000 jars available worldwide, these amber glass vessels are a limited edition, making them a coveted gift for any honey enthusiast.

What sets the Rare Harvest 2050 apart is not just its exclusivity but also its origin. This liquid gold is produced in the pristine and remote landscapes of New Zealand, accessible only by helicopter. True Honey Co.’s unwavering dedication and patience have allowed them to produce the finest quality Mānuka Honey, renowned as the ultimate wellness elixir.

The journey to perfection begins with the location – remote, untouched by human interference, and teeming with Mānuka blossoms. True Honey Co. carefully selects these havens for their bees, ensuring the purest source of nectar. Every step of the honey-making process, from the timing of harvest to the bees’ well-being, is conducted with utmost care and precision.

Validation by UMF™ Honey Association

The authenticity and quality of the Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey are not mere claims. It has been independently verified by the UMF™ Honey Association, which confirmed its position as the highest UMF™ Mānuka honey in world history. The UMF™ rating, or Unique Mānuka Factor, is a measurement that considers various properties of honey, including MGO, to guarantee its quality.

Campbell Naish, Acting CEO at the association, emphasizes the rigorous testing that honey undergoes. He reveals, “We conduct up to 3,000 batch tests each year, across more than 200 brands. We know that The True Honey Co. is committed to achieving the highest rating they possibly can, have a track record of producing high-rating honey, and have tailored their processes to do so.”

Exclusive Availability

True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 (34 UMF™) jars are now exclusively available through select partners, Harrods and Selfridges. These luxury department stores offer a platform for those seeking the epitome of honey quality.

World's Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

This new addition proudly joins the previous collaboration range, featuring the Rare Harvest 1900+ MGO product in Harrods and Rare Harvest 1700+ within Selfridges.

Morgan O’Shea-Smith, Harrods Food Buyer, expresses his honour at being part of another world record-breaking achievement by The True Honey Co. The presence of this incredible Mānuka honey in Harrods is a testament to its exceptional quality and taste.

Decoding MGO and UMF™

For those not well-versed in the world of honey, terms like MGO and UMF™ may seem perplexing. MGO stands for methylglyoxal, a sugar molecule with special health properties found in most honey in small quantities.

However, in The True Honey Co.’s luxury honeys, MGO can be over a hundred times higher, imparting unique health benefits. UMF™, or Unique Mānuka Factor, is a rating system that considers MGO along with other properties of Mānuka honey, ensuring its quality for consumers worldwide.

The exceptional health benefits of MGO-rich honey are not to be overlooked. Jim McMillan (Te Atiawa), the founder and CEO of The True Honey Co., highlights the unique flavour profile of his honey, describing it as a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury, with a subtle mocha note.

World's Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

He relishes its strong flavour and acknowledges its potential to enhance culinary experiences. Beyond its deliciousness, Jim underscores its exceptional health benefits, stating, “I absolutely love it. But there’s also the experience of feeling its natural goodness running through your body. Our customers tell us they buy our Rare Harvest wanting to invest in the best of the best for optimal health and wellbeing.”

The Rare Harvest 2050 Phenomenon

With only 1000 highly coveted beautiful amber glass jars available, each sealed with a luxurious hand-turned native timber lid, demand for the Rare Harvest 2050 MGO has already exceeded expectations. Jim attributes this success to the team’s dedication and the unique environmental conditions necessary for producing such high-grade honey.

Half of this extremely limited-edition honey was sold to eager customers – excited by the prospect of a high-performing honey that is widely known to boost immunity, relieve symptoms of cold and flu, and promote gut health – weeks before it launched.

Jim expresses his pride in his team’s enthusiasm and commitment to the production of ultra-high-grade Mānuka honey, saying, “I feel really proud of our team for their enthusiasm and commitment when it comes to the production of ultra-high-grade Mānuka honey.” He emphasizes the exceptional circumstances required to achieve this grade of honey and the meticulous care devoted to the hives and honey maturation process.

The Precision of Honey-Making

To achieve this world-record honey, Jim and his team partner with landowners who have large stands of pristine Mānuka on their properties. These remote locations require precision and care, involving helicopter transport to drop the hives into their top-secret locations.

The hives remain in these untouched environments for the duration of the Mānuka flowering season before being lifted out, ensuring that only the absolute purest nectar is collected.

World's Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

This approach, using helicopters to access remote, dense stands of Mānuka that roads can’t reach, guarantees the sourcing of the purest Mānuka nectar. Jim explains the precision involved, stating, “It’s a precision operation. Using helicopters means we can place our hives in the middle of remote dense stands of Mānuka – places roads don’t reach – ensuring only the absolute purest Mānuka nectar is sourced.”

The Unveiling of Rare Harvest 2050

Each jar of The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO (RRP £1300) comes with its own drizzler and is encased in a special handcrafted Mānuka blossom box. It’s part of a wide range of delicious honey products available to purchase at the True Honey Co.’s website.

The True Honey Co.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jane Willersdorf, believes those who secure a jar will fall in love with the honey, its luxurious taste and texture, and enjoy its wellness properties. “It’s exciting to share our latest achievement with some of the world’s most discerning consumers – those who recognize the beautiful, pure Mānuka honey we produce as the very best in the world.”

A Sweet Conclusion

The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey is more than a culinary delight; it’s a testament to dedication, precision, and the pursuit of excellence in honey-making. With its unmatched quality and unrivalled taste, this honey has carved a place for itself in the world of gourmet delicacies.

As Jim McMillan and his team continue to push the boundaries, it’s clear that the legacy of True Honey Co. will linger on the taste buds of honey enthusiasts for generations to come.

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